Building a Drawing

Here is an update to my current piece, currently titled "Bon Voyage" (this is likely to change).

Enlarged the initial thumbnail.

Initial sketch indicating important information.

Going over the initial sketch with the purpose of laying in enough details to move on to the next step. Things are still not set in stone at this point, but I don't think I'll be doing any drastic changes.

I have a tendency to think that art is created right on the spot. An artist puts pencil and brush to paper and the image quickly emerges, details being drawn before an outline is even laid down.

But like with any craft, there is a process.

Take a house for example: a foundation needs to be laid, a frame needs to made, walls constructed, and only then can you go in and apply paint and start decorating. Applying this thinking to my illustrations has helped me considerably. Now I don't fret about small details when starting a piece. I start with a foundation, put in a framework, and build off of that.

I imagine it's not a bad approach to life either.