First "Official" Helmet & Hound Piece

Here is the first of many pieces in the Helmet & Hound series. I worked on it a little each evening after work and on the weekends, and I think it's done.

I wonder what lies ahead...
We won't know unless we go in.

Progression to the final image.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have decided to delve into the world of illustration and see where it goes. Over the last few months, I feel like the direction I should go has become more clear. What I want to do is create art that you will want to frame and hang on your wall, not because of use of color or clever composition, but because it connects with you emotionally. I'd like the piece of art to be more than just decoration; I'd like it to remind you of something that you value and cherish. Perhaps a memory...a dream or goal...someone special. I realized that I couldn't do that unless I, myself, was deeply invested in the subject matter.

This Helmet & Hound series features a little boy, in a peculiar looking helmet, and his dog. To me, he represents the part of us that still knows how to dream. The part of us that thrives on imagination and lives with a wide-eyed wonderment at the world around us. I decided to give the boy a dog companion because, Rain, my dog, has been a huge factor in me deciding to start drawing again. Even though she may not know it, I credit her for igniting the creative spark in me that had diminished over the years. To me, the dog represents the loyalty and support that we sometimes find we need while navigating this ocean of life. Together, the boy and dog set out to chase dreams and experience the world around them. And I get to illustrate those adventures.

There is no linear story to Helmet & Hound. I just want to create stand-alone pieces that show the boy and dog in different situations that illustrate values and ideals that are important to me...and I hope, important to you as well.

The name of this piece comes, not surprisingly, from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It represents the beginning of a journey. Not just any journey, but specifically a journey to chase after a very important dream.

I wanted to do this piece because I have an important dream. And while it may not be logical, I know that just by beginning to go after it, there has been a part of me that feels like it's been awakened. I'm a bit nervous, but mostly I look forward to seeing what lies behind those clouds.

Do you have a dream that you have decided to go after? I'd love to hear about it! As added encouragement, I'm giving away five prints of Twinkle. To be considered, all you have to do is:

  1. Read, not skim, this blog post. Helmet & Hound is important to me, and I want whoever gets the prints to appreciate the meaning behind it.
  2. Post a comment describing your dream in as much, or as little, detail as you want.
  3. If you are selected to receive a print, you'll silently promise me that you'll frame it and hang it up where it can remind you to chase after that dream of yours.

I'd also appreciate it if you subscribed to my email list (it will either be on the top right or the bottom of this page), but that's not required to be considered for this print. Looking forward to hearing from you!