Beginning to Draw. Again.

I grew up loving to draw.

As a child, my idea of a well-spent afternoon involved sheets of blank unlined paper (A4 of course) and a pencil with an eraser that did not smudge. However, as I grew older the time I spent drawing decreased dramatically, to the point where I went for years without picking up a pencil unless it was to write a paper or take a test.

I've decided I want that part of me back in my life. I don't think the love of drawing ever left; it just takes a little more effort now to act on it.

And so here I am, curious to see where this will lead. But even more so, just wanting to reconnect with that child that needed nothing more than a pencil and an A4 sized paper to fill his afternoon.

I wanted the next piece I work on to be in line with the theme of embarking on a journey where the destination is not quite known. Here are a few thumbnails I sketched up to get started. Although I really like (3), I'll probably go with (4) because I feel like it tells a better story.

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