#3 The Kite String

I like the analogy of the kite because it illustrates a beautiful concept in a simple manner. It teaches us that the string, rather than keeping the kite grounded, is the very thing that helps the kite to fly.

How high can it go?
As long as we hold on, then as high as we want it to go.

The Kite String

The two friends find an open field. And with a light breeze, they launch their handmade kite into the air...

I believe that one of our greatest responsibilities is helping the next generation, our children, to fly higher and farther than we've ever been able to fly. Help them to be more successful and more knowledgeable; but more importantly, to be more kind and understanding, more patient, more loving.

So give them a string to hold on to. Long enough to where they can explore skies that we've never been able to reach. And strong enough to withstand things in life they may not have the strength for yet. And if they fall, rest assured that they'll still have that string to get them back on their feet and into the sky once again.