#5 Everything Has a Season

This is actually my second time drawing this image. I first drew this about a year ago during one of those points in my life where everything seemed gray even on sunny days.  I was asked if I drew it for any particular reason, and I said no...because sometimes, when you feel that way, you don't really want to talk about it.

In the image, the dog is offering the boy an umbrella. She wasn't there to help him understand why it was raining. Nor was she there to stop the rain or convince him to find shelter. She was just there to sit out in the rain with him whether he decided to use the umbrella or not. I guess that's what I wanted at the time. Just someone to sit out in the rain with me.

Can I sit here?
Sure. You'll get wet though.
It's okay. I don't mind.

Everything Has a Season progress Blog.jpg

Everything Has a Season

I've thought about that image quite often over the past year. And it has taken on a different layer of meaning, which is why I decided to redo it. As the title of the piece explains, I've come to realize that there are seasons, or a rhythm, to everything. They moon is followed by the sun, winter followed by spring, there are rainy seasons and dry seasons.

We, too, have seasons. Perhaps not as defined as winter with its snow and spring with its flowers, but we've all experienced the highs and lows and in-betweens that come as an unavoidable result of being alive. How high the highs and how low the lows and the duration of these peaks and valleys differ from person to person. What remains a constant is that life is ever-changing, and it would do us some good to remind ourselves to not get lost on one point, and thus inadvertently allowing life to pass us by.

A Thought On Depression

For those of us that suffer from any form of depression, it may seem like the days are constantly rainy and gray. I don't know how to fix that. But here is something to think about (and this is applicable to everyone, not just those with depression). I like to think that we are kind of like different lands in different regions of the world. Some of us experience more rain fall. Some have colder climates, while others can be warm and sunny all year round. But regardless of what type of weather accompanies the land, there are always people that will love it and call it home.

And, here is the one I drew December of 2014: